Kingston Chamber Choir
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Sinclair


Gordon Sinclair is the founder/artistic director of the Kingston Chamber Choir.

I have had a charmed life. It seems to me that people come into my life at exactly the moment that I need them to be there.

My mother loved to sing. She knew, in her own way, how soul-nurturing singing can be.

Because of my mother's considerable influence, I was singing in public by age three.

Gerald Fagan was my Grade 13 music teacher. This close-to-genius teacher was precisely what this smart-ass kid needed at the time, though neither realized it.

Choral maestro Deral Johnson and singing teacher Alvin Reimer were university heroes.

I married Sandra, the love of my life, early on, and, to borrow from Robert Frost, that has made all the difference.

A job teaching vocal music at LCVI brought us all to Kingston in 1975. By 1977, all our children - Sarah, Emily and John - had come into our lives, changing our lives forever.

I worked teaching music in Kingston high schools, and then went into school administration, from 1975 until 2003. While I very much enjoyed the work, I don't miss it for a moment.

I am, admittedly, a dreamer, generally pretty optimistic about life, obsessive about too many things, with an intuitive understanding of the world that I have come to rely on. Whether I am that way because of the life I have enjoyed, or whether it is precisely those attributes that forged this life is anyone's guess.

I am a person of faith, and that has become more and more important to me. People like Dr. Wayne Soble and Sister Lucy Bethel have both nudged me along when a nudge was needed.

All of which may suggest a rather passive approach to life, where I sit around waiting for something to happen to me, but those who know me well will tell you differently.

And my beloved Kingston Chamber Choir is just the latest blessing in this life of mine. The development over 13 years is nothing short of miraculous.

Gordon Sinclair
Founder/Artistic Director.